Editing         .

Directing         .

Pilots        .

Television Production Stills         .

“Monsters” episode: “Small Blessing,”  Syndicated Series.  Kevin Nealon, Judy Brown, David Spade, Roger Nygard.

“The Bernie Mac Show,”  FOX.  Roger Nygard on set, “For Whom The Belt Tolls” episode.

“Zoey 101,”  Nickelodeon.  Roger Nygard and DP Mike Spodnik (3rd from left) with camera crew.

“The Loop,”   FOX.  Michael D. Roberts (far left), Brett Harrison (3rd from left), Philip Baker Hall (4th from left), Roger Nygard (center), Mimi Rogers (3rd from right), Howard S. Miller (far right).

“The Loop,”  FOX.  Roger Nygard with camera car on set, “Crazy Goat” episode.

Reality series pilot shoot.

Jeff Schaffer, Roger Nygard, Larry David, and mixer Earl Martin (in back).

On the set of The White House Plumbers: the Cubans & Roger Nygard.

“The Mind of the Married Man,”  HBO.  Roger Nygard, Walt Lloyd, Mike Binder.

“The Bernie Mac Show,”  FOX.  Bernie Mac, Roger Nygard.

“The Office,”  NBC.  Jenna Fischer, Roger Nygard.

“The Office,”  NBC.  On set, “Grief Counseling” episode.

“Zeke & Luther,”  DisneyXD.  Roger Nygard with Adam Hicks, Ryan Newman, and Hutch Dano. Episode: “Luther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom.”

In the Oval Office on the set of VEEP.

Roger Nygard editing Curb Your Enthusiasm, season 11.

Roger Nygard and Larry David’s sidekick J.B. Smoove.

“The Mind of the Married Man,”  HBO.  Greg Fienberg, Jack Binder, Bruce Paltrow, Mike Binder, Roger Nygard.

“The Bernie Mac Show,”  FOX.  Jeremy Suarez, Roger Nygard, Camille Winbush.

“The Office,”  NBC.  The entire cast.

“The Singles Table,”  NBC.  Roger Nygard, DP Rob Sweeney.

“The Singles Table,”  NBC.   On set, “The Housewarming Party” episode.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  Larry David with Roger Nygard.

Reality series pilot shoot.

On the set of The White House Plumbers: director of photography Steven Meizler, editor RogerNygard, director David Mandel.